I'm finally having birthday again. The time flies so fast, it's unbelievable. Summer is coming to an end unfortunately but I can't wait to make the best of the days that are left.

A lot of things will change and so did I. During Summer everyone evolve to another person. Some people change outside or inside and others both. I did change more inside and with that change my personal style changed.

I hope you enjoy this look and I wish you a happy rest of the week!

Jeans - Cheap Monday
Shoes - Dr. Martens
Shirt - Asos
Trench Coat - Kiomi 



I hope you guys are doing fantastic! The past few days I have been busy doing absolutely nothing. To be honest, it was the best I could do during the Summer holidays but with the time I really felt like I had to be productive. I'm that kind of person that thinks about productivity in the end of the day and if my productivity was low, I can't sleep well.

In this era you can't just concentrate on one field, because you have to be flexible and try to be the best. I thought since the beginning of the Summer about to make videos but I felt like I wasn't that good. Now I have been playing around with more complex video editors to understand how it's made. I have to admit that I really love to make videos now that I understand more about it. I'm not saying that I'm the best at it but I'm moving to the right direction. If you want to see my videos, go check out my YouTube-channel.

This day was incredibly spent in Zurich. I will edit the video in the coming days, meanwhile you can watch the Outfit video. 

Since it's raining again in Switzerland (WHY!? JUST WHY!?) I'm working on the blog and afterwards I will visit my best friend who came back from Thailand. I wish you a great weekend!!

T-Shirt - Adidas Originals
Pants - COS
Shoes - Dr. Martens
Cap - H & M



The last few days has been incredible of doing absolutely nothing. I had the luxury opportunity to just be at home and watch tv shows the whole time. I kind of needed time for myself, since I'm always surrounded by people and I'm also a person who does a lot of activities with friends.

An obsession just appeared in my live. I don't think that I'm the only one but I think everyone is kind of playing Pokémon Go, which is such an amazing game. I just started to play it yesterday and since then I can't stop! I have the feeling that I lost weight with it haha. However, you should try it if you're a big Pokémon fan.

This outfit is more a comfy one which allows you to play the game in the best way possible. Sneakers, fashionable sweat pants and caps are such a good combination. In case of rain, I wore a coat because you never know when it starts to rain in Switzerland. I'm keeping the outfits very simple and not using color, because I will definitely be conspicuous with my attitude playing Pokémon Go.

I wish you good luck if you have become a Pokémon trainer and go catch em' all! And do not forget your portable charger!

Sneakers - Adidas Originals
Coat - Bershka
Sweat Pants - Adidas Originals
T-Shirt - Adidas Originals
Cap - H&M
Weekender - Pasito



*english version*
Actually, this should be the article of day two at the fashion week, but I have to say that I didn't make it to take pictures during these days.

I was feeling great on the first day and I was actually glad that the fashion week time had finally come. On the second day everything started to change. I suddenly had no more desire to keep attending the fashion week, I guess I had enough of that superficiality and kind of arrogance the people were showing. Even though, the concept of the fashion week is amazing, where you can see designers' new collection and meet people of the industry, but every season it makes me puke (sorry for the expression) to see these attention-addicted visitors.

I'm a bit shy at fashion weeks, while other bloggers do not have a problem to pose for street style photographers, I rather to stay in the background and if they ask me for a picture I mostly say NO! Sometimes I think that blogging is something that isn't meant for me. I'm unobtrusively, I like to be surrounded by a few people and I do not talk a lot with strangers. I am that way and there's nothing I can do at the moment. The bad thing is that some of you have built their selves another me, who is mostly based on how I am on social media. Probably I'm not used to a lot of attention, I guess I need to work hard on that.

What is next? I will definitely keep posting looks, the topic "Berlin Fashion Week" is over until I don't know when. See you soon here again for the next article, which is going to be about "How to keep the pictures' resolution game high".

*deutsche version*
Eigentlich sollte dieser Artikel über den zweiten Tag der Fashion Week sein, aber ich muss euch sagen, dass ich es wieder nicht geschafft habe Bilder zu schiessen während der ganzen Woche.

Am ersten Tag ging es mir noch gut und war eigentlich glücklich darüber wieder einmal die Fashion Week zu besuchen. Am zweiten Tag begann sich alles zu ändern. Ich hatte auf einmal keine Lust auf die Fashion Week, ich hatte bestimmt genug von dieser Oberflächlichkeit und teilweise Arroganz die Menschen dort ausstrahlen. An sich finde ich die Fashion Week eine sehr gute Idee, um sich ein Bild der Kollektionen der Designer zu machen, doch jedes Jahr kotzt es mich ein wenig an (Entschuldigung für den Ausdruck!) wegen den Aufmerksamkeit suchenden Besucher.

Ich bin ein wenig scheu an Fashion Weeks, währen andere Blogger ohne Problem für Street-Style Fotografen posieren, halte ich mich lieber im Hintergrund und falls sie mich um ein Bild fragen, lautet meine Antwort immer NEIN! Manchmal denke ich, dass das Bloggen nichts für mich ist. Ich bin unauffällig, ich bin gerne unter wenig Menschen, ich spreche kaum mit Personen, die ich nicht kenne. So bin ich nun mal, aber nicht jeder kommt damit klar, weil sie ein anderes Bild von mir haben, den sie sich selber auf Social Media gestalten. Ich bin dem Ruhm nicht gewachsen und in diesem Bereich muss ich mich unbedingt verbessern, den meine Träume und Talente liegen nun mal in der Unterhaltungsbranche.

Wie geht es weiter hier? Ich werde auf jeden Fall weitere Looks posten, das Thema Berlin Fashion Week können wir jetzt in Ruhe vergraben für immer (Wer weiss, vielleicht kehre ich nochmal zurück). New York steht ist die nächste Reisedestination, bin mir zwar immer noch nicht sicher aber ich lasse es euch wissen.

Stripped Shirt - Zara
Jacket - Native Youth
Sneakers - HUB Footwear
Pants - Bershka



*english version*
When I travel somewhere, a lot of strange things happen to me which make the trips unforgettable. In the end I can handle every situation and everything comes out as wished.

Let's start there, when I had to take the train to the airport. Some hours before taking the train, I got the amazing idea to let my luggage at the luggage center, so I wouldn't have carrying it everywhere. Well, I didn't look at the opening hours and I was frustrated the next day before leaving to the airport, because my luggage is really important for fashion week. However, I called the security of the main station (after I tried to open it myself) and they opened the door. After that, I could go into the train.

The next bad situation happened on the train. I thought my flight was a bit later than it was. I was in panic because I was sure I can't make it. I fortunately made it to the check-in and ran to the gate which was like so far.

I landed in Berlin and took a cab to the hotel ARCOTEL John F. The hotel is my favorite hotel in Berlin I have been so far. The perfect location couldn't be better, everything (Brandenburger
Tor, Museumsinsel, Alexanderplatz, etc.) is footsteps away from the hotel and in Summer you will enjoy walking everywhere instead of taking a taxi or the subway. I arrived really early and my room wasn't ready, because it was full but the well taught staff offered me to take a shower in the Spa-zone and relax, which was on the 6th floor (where I got the room too). I got ready and headed to the first fashion show.

The first show was by the brand AVELON, which shows a strong geometrically style and the selection of garments fascinated me. As I had the opportunity to sit front row, I could take great pictures. Afterwards we stressed ourselves to the Stage, where we could admire the Ivanman show and as every year he's my favorite!

I was after all these events in the morning, including the trip, tired and I decided to go back to the hotel where I made a power nap that lasted longer than expected. I rushed to the Erika-Hess-Eisstadion, where the fashion week takes place during the Europe/World Football Tournament. The show I kinda missed was Steinrohner, but I'm glad they're showing their collection at Mode Suisse. We also didn't miss the blogger event "Fashion Blogger Café" which took place at Bikini Berlin.

Summing up the day was exciting and hectic. I'm still glad to have met everyone again and the amazing collections. I'm really excited what the days will bring to us, Can't wait for the rest of the days!

*deutsche version*
Wenn ich irgendwo reise, passieren mir die merkwürdigste Sachen, die schlussendlich zu einem Highlight werden, weil es am Ende doch gut herauskommt.

Fangen wir an als ich zum Flughafen musste. Einige Stunden zuvor liess ich mein Koffer beim Kofferdienst, ich dachte es sei eine hochintelligente Wahl gewesen, doch man kann sich schnell täuschen. Ich hatte nämlich die Öffnungszeit vergessen, aber wer würde auch um 04:00 öffnen? Kein Mensch! Ich war verzweifelt auf der Suche nach einer Lösung, ich versuchte sogar die Sensortür aufzukriegen und es war wirklich peinlich. Auf jeden Fall musste ich anrufen, damit der Wachmann des Bahnhofes mir aufmachen konnte. Danach ging es zum Gleis und in den Zug, der mich zum Flughafen fuhr.

Bereits im Zug kam die nächste stressige Situation, die nur mir passieren kann. Ich dachte mein Flug wäre um 06:50, dabei flog er bereits um 06:20 ab. Ich geriet in Panik, denn ich dachte, ich würde es nicht mehr zur Einstiegszeit schaffen. Fünf Minuten sei Dank, dass ich den Flieger noch erwischen konnte.

Ich landete sicher in Berlin an, nahm den Koffer und nahm ein Taxi zum Hotel, welches das Arcotel John F ist. Die Lage des Hotels konnte nicht besser sein, alles (Brandenburger Tor, Museumsinsel, Alexanderplatz, etc.) ist zu Fuss erreichbar und in Sommer lohnt es sich durch Berlin zu laufen anstatt die U-Bahn oder Taxi zu nehmen. Da ich viel zu früh am Hotel ankam, konnte ich nicht ins Zimmer, weil alle besetzt waren. Ich entschied mich dafür im Spa-Bereich frisch zu machen und zur ersten Show zu gehen.

Die Erste Show war Avelon, die durch eine stark geometrische Stilrichtung und die Auswahl der Stoffe mich beeindruckte. Die Show aus der ersten Reihe zu betrachten, gab mir die Möglichkeit einige Bilder zu schiessen. Danach eilten wir zum Stage, wo wir anschliessend die Ivanman Show bewundern konnten und wie jedes Jahr, gehört er zu meinen Lieblingen!

Ich war danach endlos müde und lief zum Hotel, um ein kleines Nickerchen zu machen, was dann doch länger als erwartet dauerte. Ich beeilte mich zum Erika-Hess-Eisstadion, wo sich dieses Mal das Zelt befindet und kam ein wenig zu spät zur Steinrohner show, zum Glück kann ich die Kollektion bald wieder sehen. Auch der Fashion Blogger Café durfte auf dem Plan nicht fehlen.

Zusammengefasst war der Tag aufregend und stressig. Dennoch bin ich froh endlich alle wieder gesehen zu haben und die tolle Kollektionen die ich mir ansehen konnte. Bin sehr aufgeregt was auf mich zukommt am zweiten Tag!

Werderscher Markt 11
10117 Berlin
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