Z├╝rich, Switzerland


I hope you guys are doing fantastic! The past few days I have been busy doing absolutely nothing. To be honest, it was the best I could do during the Summer holidays but with the time I really felt like I had to be productive. I'm that kind of person that thinks about productivity in the end of the day and if my productivity was low, I can't sleep well.

In this era you can't just concentrate on one field, because you have to be flexible and try to be the best. I thought since the beginning of the Summer about to make videos but I felt like I wasn't that good. Now I have been playing around with more complex video editors to understand how it's made. I have to admit that I really love to make videos now that I understand more about it. I'm not saying that I'm the best at it but I'm moving to the right direction. If you want to see my videos, go check out my YouTube-channel.

This day was incredibly spent in Zurich. I will edit the video in the coming days, meanwhile you can watch the Outfit video. 

Since it's raining again in Switzerland (WHY!? JUST WHY!?) I'm working on the blog and afterwards I will visit my best friend who came back from Thailand. I wish you a great weekend!!

T-Shirt - Adidas Originals
Pants - COS
Shoes - Dr. Martens
Cap - H & M

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