Sometimes, it might be stressful to publish blog posts on time. As a blogger I didn’t know what the day would bring to me before I started full-time blogging. I often met friends that convinced me to have a drink just after work, even if my plan was to go home and work for the blog like editing pictures and creating content. But as the suggestions are always so good I let them seduce me.

If you follow me on Snapchat (@stylochromic), you may know that I quit my job at one of the leading brands in the world. It wasn’t just the way of almost two hours to get to work that made me think about my job twice but also how tired I was every time I got home. I wasn’t just tired, I was almost dead. And I know I should have thought about how it would be like but instead I was just looking forward to it. And after over a month I quit.

Now that everything was breaking into pieces after made that big decision which changed my life, I didn’t know what to do in terms of occupation. I was thinking about this for a long time and now I’m 100% sure that I want to see how far I would make it if I convert my blog in  to a career. I will do it until I start classes again, since I decided to keep studying. So basically I’m my own boss right now and I can work when I want and how long I want but that also means that I’m the only one responsible for the things in my business. It also means to stay online basically 24/7 but I can actually handle that!

I hope you could lurk and know what I’m up to lately. I also wanted to ask you: Do you want every second day a post or every third day? I would be great if you could give me a feedback!

Jacket - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Hugo Boss
T-Shirt - H & M



There are days when you feel so tired that you don’t even want to get a great outfit combination. It can also be that you’re just not inspired at all. But we still have to put some clothes on, when it comes to society, right?

It happened to me days ago that I didn’t know what to wear. I was frustrated because I gained some weight after enjoying days without blogging and doing absolutely nothing for my body, thank god I’m back at it again!

Summer is still not over and I’m so looking forward to the next season which is Fall. Since it’s my favorite season, where you can be so creative with fashion, I won’t have to worry.

Shirt - H & M
Pants - Zara
Sneakers - Superga
Bag - Adidas Originals



A few days ago I met my friend and photographer Serafina Andrew. As we got the chance to realize some cool and urban pictures (I’m going to show them soon), I used the opportunity to ask her what important things we need to know about photography to get awesome pictures for a blog.
I thought about to ask her some questions that might be important for everyone that has a camera. Here we go!

What camera do you recommend for beginners?
People that just started to get interested in photography, I would recommend them to start with the Nikon 5100 or something in the 1’000 range. The lower the number of the camera, the more knowledge you need and more professional they are.

Nikon never changes it’s bajonette. Therefor you can also use old objectives. Canon instead, uses for each series of cameras another bajonette which can be a little stressful when you have to find an objective that suits your camera.

Can you tell us 3 keys to have the perfect outfit picture?
First of all, you have to put the focus on your face and on your eyes. You should also experiment with the dimension and perspective. The whole picture has to have different strengths of blur for example: blurry background and sharp face+outfit.

One thing that is also very important (actually the most important) is light. Every form of light is of advantage. The light should put the object in the spotlight. Also play with the light around you until you can realize your concept.

What edit programs do you recommend for beginners?
Picasso and Lightroom 5 are easy programs for beginners. They do not require a lot of knowledge to edit a picture and are a good step of building editing skills where you can use later for Photoshop CS6

Where are the places you like to take pictures?
It depends on the concept of the photoshoot. But if I was a fashion blogger, I would definitely choose architectonic places, because it makes a good background. Choose the background carefully, simple as possible because the object should be the star in the picture.

What are the things you should configure before taking pictures?
Most of the people who don’t know much about cameras or photography in general, take pictures in hope that they’ll get a good one. sometimes you have luck and sometimes you don’t. You can also influence how the picture will be if you configure these three things in your camera: Shutter speed, aperture and ISO. With these elements you are ready to take your pictures.

What is your dream position in the near future?
To finish my studies is my priority at the moment. After I graduate I will definitely put more time into photography and I will try to start working for magazines. 

Do you have any last words to everyone here?
Stay inspired, because it’s everywhere! Also stay in school.

You can check out Serafina’s work on her website and also do not forget to follow her Instagram and Facebook!



I couldn’t be happier right now, because the popularity of my blog is climbing so fast and it’s actually surprising how a lot of you guys are watching my steps of a fashion blogger. I didn’t think that you all care so much and it’s so good to receive all your messages wanting help and opinion, I love to help people, if I can conjure a smile on your face I’m happy too. The fact that we (bloggers and probably the most of the Instagram community) show how glamorous our lives are and how perfect it is, it sometimes transfer a wrong image of ourselves, as almost everyone thinks glamorous people are selfish and arrogant...

Yesterday I got the opportunity to attend to the opening of the Maison Gassman store, which is a brand focused on good quality high fashion such as minimalistic pieces. That meant I needed to go to Zurich after a two meetings and a visit a my hairdresser, stress-stress but without it I couldn’t live. I announced it on Snapchat that I was on my way to Zurich and as soon as we were there at the main station, I got some messages that made me sad. “I wanted to say hi, but I don’t know if you would have talked to me“ or “I was scared to talk to you, sorry for starring at you“. It really hurts that you come off arrogant on social media. It wasn’t my intentions for those who think I’m that way. 


Being honest with you, I love to talk to people no matter how they look like. I’m an open minded person and I’m always ready to do funny things. Do not think that you will bore me to death because I’m a very curious person who also cares about his readers. So if you see me next time SAY HI!

The day ended at an Italian restaurant with pizza by the river. It was such a great evening and if you think that was all, if you follow this blog you may know that I miss almost every flight or train. Yes, we missed the train after running a marathon through Zurich. I swear it was a thing about seconds. Have you ever had the situation that the train leaves while you pressed the open button to get in? Let me know in the comment, I want to read your funny (or whatever you feel about it) stories!

Shirt - H & M
Pants - Antony Morato
Backpack - Mandarina Duck
Sandals - Pasito
Watch - Bratwait



I’m back on the blog after over a week of absence. Those who follow me on Instagram (@stylochromic) were updated with pictures of night-outs, enjoying some days by the Lac LĂ©man such as the Mode Suisse Casting and other stuff. I have been enjoying it too long that I completely forgot to publish content for you, even if they’re already written and the pictures have been taken as well. You will be able to read the other post later this week.

The weather in Switzerland is being amazing for the past days and it seems like a heat wave is coming to visit us this week. Thank god I’m prepared for every occasion that includes the weather. For hot days like that I like to wear loose clothing, so I don’t sweat much.

I’m wearing a combination of shorts and culottes (should we call them shortlottes? haha) that are so comfy such as perfect matching to everything and the cut is just life! I matched the pants with an orange simple orange shirt, which has been sewed in a special way so the surface looks like it has been woven. I decided to finally wear the NMD Runner in another color that have been hanging around in my shoe closet for a while, I just couldn’t find the occasion as I have them in many different colors. You can see that my Louis Vuitton backpack is always by my side and being honest it’s such a great accessory, you can use it to go to work, school, traveling or just to go out. I really recommend you to get a backpack, because it’s THE accessory of the year for everyone.

I hope you like this outfit and it could inspire you for the hot Summer days. Enjoy the rest of the Summer, see you here again!

Shirt - COS
Pants - COS
Shoes - Adidas Originals
Backpack - Louis Vuitton


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I don’t know but I’m feeling so great lately. Since August started I seem to manage everything on my to-do list and it is such a great feeling. I feel so productive, so alive, life is just so interesting when you’re busy in terms of work and free time.

If you have been coming regularly to my blog, you may have noticed that There are a lot of articles that have been published since August started. That was always the way I wanted to run a blog and it’s finally happening. Even though, there are some situations where I get into stress but if we know how to handle it, it will end great.

What is next?
The next days are going to be tough but I will survive. I will keep the routine of creating different kind of content with focus on fashion, beauty and tipps for the readers that have a blog and want it to grow. As long as I can help you, I’m satisfied and I think a blog should entertain or help the people who are reading it.

I’m really sorry if I’m not writing about travels this month, but the fact that I’m so busy right now doesn’t make it possible me to travel. I will be soon in Berlin later this month but it is going to be such a short trip because of business. I will try to keep you updated on Instagram (including Instagram Stories) and on Snapchat, the only link you have to do is to follow me there!

Shirt - H & M
Shorts - COS
Shoes - Pasito
Backpack - Louis Vuitton



A blog post consists of a lot of preparation and work behind the scenes before it gets published. Professional bloggers are equivalent to magazines that create a lot of content, the only difference is that we, bloggers, include our opinion in the article and magazines are just being informative about what they’re writing about.
Step 1: Before you start doing anything, you need to get an idea and topic of what you’re going to write about. You also need to ask yourself after you picked up the topic what your goal of this post is. Do I want to teach them something? Am I sharing with my followers my experience? Do I want to inspire them? These are the three questions I ask myself after choosing a topic.

Step 2: Let’s get information! Nothing is more awkward than spreading wrong information. It’s not only unprofessional but you also take a risk of getting mean comments and in the worst case some of your followers might cut the trust line between you and them.

Step 3: Be creative. There are proofs that if you use images and videos for your posts, people will get more entertained and might come back to your blog as to the blog that just has text. The reader will also get more interested and might get inspired my the images or if it’s a travel post they will see how the place looked like.

Step 4: Media at the best quality. Make sure you have images and video in a high resolution, because everyone hates bad quality when it comes to objects or things. Most of us use photoshop to edit the pictures because they need to have the perfect light, saturation, contrast, etc.

Step 5: Use paragraphs to make it more enjoyable It will be better for the eye and for the brain to process.

Step 6: Make sure everything is on its place and save it. After creating a post you shouldn’t publish it as soon as you’re done (except if it’s urgent, but then it’s a case of irresponsibility for not starting early enough). Also check your grammar. Read and check everything later again, so you’re sure everything is correctly done.

Step 7: Hit the “Publish“ button!

Sweater - Adidas Originals
Pants - Topman
Sneakers - Vans
Backpack - Topman (Similar HERE)


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