Zurich, Switzerland


The last few days has been incredible of doing absolutely nothing. I had the luxury opportunity to just be at home and watch tv shows the whole time. I kind of needed time for myself, since I'm always surrounded by people and I'm also a person who does a lot of activities with friends.

An obsession just appeared in my live. I don't think that I'm the only one but I think everyone is kind of playing Pokémon Go, which is such an amazing game. I just started to play it yesterday and since then I can't stop! I have the feeling that I lost weight with it haha. However, you should try it if you're a big Pokémon fan.

This outfit is more a comfy one which allows you to play the game in the best way possible. Sneakers, fashionable sweat pants and caps are such a good combination. In case of rain, I wore a coat because you never know when it starts to rain in Switzerland. I'm keeping the outfits very simple and not using color, because I will definitely be conspicuous with my attitude playing Pokémon Go.

I wish you good luck if you have become a Pokémon trainer and go catch em' all! And do not forget your portable charger!

Sneakers - Adidas Originals
Coat - Bershka
Sweat Pants - Adidas Originals
T-Shirt - Adidas Originals
Cap - H&M
Weekender - Pasito

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