To work on a blog can be sometimes very stressful, as you have to take a lot of pictures, write content, business trips, such as you have to attend to events and meetings. These are only a few of the mentioned things I have to do as a blogger and there are also things to do outside my blogging world which is grocery shopping, chores and so on.

Stylochromic has grown to a popular fashion destination and the popular a blog is, the more time you have to invest in it. There are a lot of mails to answer from companies that want to work with us and we are really happy about it. 


Yes I did. I noticed this year that I went over my limits and I cracked. Since last fashion week season I started to get help of good friends and I’m really glad they’re so supportive in every way possible. I started to travel with Jella because of the fact that I got to work with hotels and I wanted to experience it with someone that’s worth it. With my friend Vani I started to go to events and meetings, which is so funny and she’s very helpful with the outfit pictures. Steff, who’s my best friend, is coming with me to events such as trips and is responsible of the most pictures here on the blog. We’re not only a good team base on the blog but also when we do some activities like going out or going by the river. 

Could you see STYLOCHROMIC as a destination for everyone? I’m definitely working on that, since I have to figure out things and how the concept should be like. Stay tuned, because changes are coming soon for the blog!

Onesie - One Piece
Sandals - Birkenstock



If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (stylochromic), you may know that I have been loving a specific purple smoothie that I have developed to be the vitamin C bomb that we need to protect our bodies from bad sources. Since I’m someone who is weak when it comes to having stress and getting sick, I have been reading a lot of nutrition books the past days and I have proudly develop this smoothie, which is definitely helping me since I’m drinking it. The smoothie consists of fruits that contain a high amount of vitamin C, actually three of a few that are very impressive to notice how healthy they are.

Fall is just around the corner, the bells already rang in my head. That is the season I get sick and to prevent that I have experimented some concepts which weren’t that tasty as this smoothie is. I’m not saying I’m a nutritionist or whatever, but if you feel a lot sick you should try it because it’s also easy to do. 

1 handful of (frozen)Blueberry
1 handful of (frozen)Raspberry
1 Kiwi
3dl Soja Milk / Almond Milk
1 tablespoon of Honey

Put everything in a mixer, it doesn’t matter in what order. If you choose frozen berries, you will enjoy the smoothie even more as it’s already cold and the vitamins are still there.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I know it’s strange that I’m writing about food but it’s just something that is interesting to me. If you liked this post do not hesitate to let me know in a comment!



With this post I wanted to show you guys my dark side, my other inner me because it’s totally different of how everyone knows me. It can be that I’m such a good actor or I have two persons inside me, but you rarely see the second person, who is a boss of everything and has so much talent at everything I do. When I’m alone that’s when it mostly happens. I get so creative and I find out that I can do things I’ve never done before… But why do I hide my talents? I guess I can’t control the second me. It’s someone that doesn’t like the spotlight and is very calmed. 

I’m known as a very active person that loves to laugh and joke around and being honest people think I’m dumb and naive, if they knew… Is it normal to speak 6 languages, be able to be good at every kind of sports, to have a high amount of creativity and a great business mind such as IT knowledge, art skills and more? I guess my second me is a genius but the other me, who always choose fun above all, is taking control over me. No, I’m not Schizophrenic but I feel like there’s a war between two guys and only I can end the war and get them to work as a team!

A big thanks to Serafina, who you already know from this post, for the cool pictures!



Thinking back months ago I used to be the unhealthiest person in this planet. Trust me, you can ask my friends if you want. Burgers, Pizza, Donuts and were something I couldn’t live without. I think that period of my life is definitely over, not only because it’s not good for my body but also because my stomach couldn’t handle a lot of things that I was eating back then.

I needed to change my crazy nutrition and I knew that. I did it and I was very happy about it because my stomach didn’t hurt again. That was the time I started thinking about nutrition, because in the end I didn’t want to be over my weight again.

Some weeks ago I was just looking for a good movie, without success. But then I suddenly found a documentary about meat and how they treat animals at these farms and so on. The feeling I had during the documentary was between sad and disgusted. I still can’t describe that feeling, it was just too much for my stomach and my heart, even though I’m not a sentimental person.


They didn’t only show how they treat the animals in some farms but also the conditions in which they live is a huge catastrophe. Beside the mentioned things the death of these animals wasn’t the worst at all.

I used to love meat so much. Oh dear bacon, I really miss you but after all you disgust me at the moment. I’m not saying I will ignore you forever, because in the end we had a good time and above all a good relationship. Dear bacon for now it’s better for me and you that you stay out of my life, but we always see someone twice in life.

The Vegi life has showed me a lot of things. I don’t need necessarily meat to survive, there are other products that you can eat instead. I feel healthier and I can see how my weight got stable and is in the right level. Also my skin is better now that I eat healthy.

With this post I only wanted to tell you guys my story why I turned vegetarian, because a lot of you guys asked me. 



Berlin. Some love the city and some hate it. However, I have developed both options for the city. It’s going to be my 11th time this year in Berlin and nothing has changed for me.

When I first went to this city I was highly excited, because everything I heard from Berlin was similar to the things I would expect of New York. It’s big and there’s always something going on. With that sentence I started to visit the city as much as possible, I even skipped school just to go there. Was it love at first sight? Yes. Is the love still there? No!

During the past times I visited the city I definitely didn’t want to be there anymore, because of the fact that I have become someone in the fashion scene in Berlin. And if you’re in, some will love you and some will hate you. I learnt that not everyone should like you. To divide the nation wasn’t my intention in but it is how it is and Berlin is knowing for having a divided nation right? However, I try to do the best out of it and if there’s somebody who shout a bad comment on the streets to me, I will ignore it because Karma is my best friend and she knows the rules of friendship haha.

Berlin also has its bright side. During fashion week or during the football world tournament how I experienced it the first time I was there back in 2014. It is also such a great shopping destination and the culture is incredible. Now I only see Berlin as a business city for me, probably the most important abroad for my blog.

Have you guys ever been to Berlin? I would love to read what you experienced and if you have a great club with old R&B and HipHop tunes, do not hesitate to write the down!

Clothing - H & M
Backpack - Topman
Shoes - Pasito



After having an amazing and spontaneous weekend I’m back as promised. If you were here during the last days, you may have heard that I will publish every second day a post and I’m glad it’s working.

I’m feeling so free, so alive. I’m being who I always wanted to be and surrounded by the people I always wanted to be in my life. Sometimes we just need to be instead of burning our brains thinking about what might have been or happened and also thinking too far in the future. What matters is now. Enjoy the moment and make it an unforgettable memory.

Today I will relax a little bit because next week is going to be very exhausting, but what is better for a blogger than making your blog fetch and starting a business with it? I should stop complaining about it because as long as I get possibilities of having great experience I’m happy.

I also wanted to thank you guys so much for all the support! I can’t even get over the fact that the amount of visitors grew up 2,5 times more than last year, I couldn’t be more happy about it.

Shirt - Jack & Jones
Sandals - Pasito
Backpack - Mandarina Duck


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Today I had a lot to do for the blog, because I always think if you prepare things good enough they will come out as you wished. So being honest I already started days ago thinking about what to publish on the blog next week, and since you guys chose that I should publish a post on the blog every second day, I have to do it and try my best.

There will be a lot going on next week. On Monday we start with Mode Suisse, which is the event I’m looking forward to. We will also have a few meetings and I between them I will try to catch up with my friends since I won’t see them or rarely this week.

Fashion month just started and I have made the decision to stay in town. Since my last fashion week season some months ago, I haven’t healed yet. I’m still too scared of the pressure that I have experienced in New York mostly. Also my schedule is very tight this time and I also can’t afford to attend the fashion weeks in New York, Milan, Paris or London but I promise that I will attend next season with a friend of mine. I will surely tell you more about it when the time arrives!

Since I was looking for gift ideas, I casually found Bonprix, a swiss online store where you can get a lot of things. They have some things on sale, you can check them out HERE.

Jacket - One Piece
Shirt - H & M
Pants - Bershka
Backpack - Topman
Shoes - Dr. Martens
Cap - H & M



Sometimes, it might be stressful to publish blog posts on time. As a blogger I didn’t know what the day would bring to me before I started full-time blogging. I often met friends that convinced me to have a drink just after work, even if my plan was to go home and work for the blog like editing pictures and creating content. But as the suggestions are always so good I let them seduce me.

If you follow me on Snapchat (@stylochromic), you may know that I quit my job at one of the leading brands in the world. It wasn’t just the way of almost two hours to get to work that made me think about my job twice but also how tired I was every time I got home. I wasn’t just tired, I was almost dead. And I know I should have thought about how it would be like but instead I was just looking forward to it. And after over a month I quit.

Now that everything was breaking into pieces after made that big decision which changed my life, I didn’t know what to do in terms of occupation. I was thinking about this for a long time and now I’m 100% sure that I want to see how far I would make it if I convert my blog in  to a career. I will do it until I start classes again, since I decided to keep studying. So basically I’m my own boss right now and I can work when I want and how long I want but that also means that I’m the only one responsible for the things in my business. It also means to stay online basically 24/7 but I can actually handle that!

I hope you could lurk and know what I’m up to lately. I also wanted to ask you: Do you want every second day a post or every third day? I would be great if you could give me a feedback!

Jacket - Zara
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Hugo Boss
T-Shirt - H & M



There are days when you feel so tired that you don’t even want to get a great outfit combination. It can also be that you’re just not inspired at all. But we still have to put some clothes on, when it comes to society, right?

It happened to me days ago that I didn’t know what to wear. I was frustrated because I gained some weight after enjoying days without blogging and doing absolutely nothing for my body, thank god I’m back at it again!

Summer is still not over and I’m so looking forward to the next season which is Fall. Since it’s my favorite season, where you can be so creative with fashion, I won’t have to worry.

Shirt - H & M
Pants - Zara
Sneakers - Superga
Bag - Adidas Originals



A few days ago I met my friend and photographer Serafina Andrew. As we got the chance to realize some cool and urban pictures (I’m going to show them soon), I used the opportunity to ask her what important things we need to know about photography to get awesome pictures for a blog.
I thought about to ask her some questions that might be important for everyone that has a camera. Here we go!

What camera do you recommend for beginners?
People that just started to get interested in photography, I would recommend them to start with the Nikon 5100 or something in the 1’000 range. The lower the number of the camera, the more knowledge you need and more professional they are.

Nikon never changes it’s bajonette. Therefor you can also use old objectives. Canon instead, uses for each series of cameras another bajonette which can be a little stressful when you have to find an objective that suits your camera.

Can you tell us 3 keys to have the perfect outfit picture?
First of all, you have to put the focus on your face and on your eyes. You should also experiment with the dimension and perspective. The whole picture has to have different strengths of blur for example: blurry background and sharp face+outfit.

One thing that is also very important (actually the most important) is light. Every form of light is of advantage. The light should put the object in the spotlight. Also play with the light around you until you can realize your concept.

What edit programs do you recommend for beginners?
Picasso and Lightroom 5 are easy programs for beginners. They do not require a lot of knowledge to edit a picture and are a good step of building editing skills where you can use later for Photoshop CS6

Where are the places you like to take pictures?
It depends on the concept of the photoshoot. But if I was a fashion blogger, I would definitely choose architectonic places, because it makes a good background. Choose the background carefully, simple as possible because the object should be the star in the picture.

What are the things you should configure before taking pictures?
Most of the people who don’t know much about cameras or photography in general, take pictures in hope that they’ll get a good one. sometimes you have luck and sometimes you don’t. You can also influence how the picture will be if you configure these three things in your camera: Shutter speed, aperture and ISO. With these elements you are ready to take your pictures.

What is your dream position in the near future?
To finish my studies is my priority at the moment. After I graduate I will definitely put more time into photography and I will try to start working for magazines. 

Do you have any last words to everyone here?
Stay inspired, because it’s everywhere! Also stay in school.

You can check out Serafina’s work on her website and also do not forget to follow her Instagram and Facebook!


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