Bern, Switzerland


With this post I wanted to show you guys my dark side, my other inner me because it’s totally different of how everyone knows me. It can be that I’m such a good actor or I have two persons inside me, but you rarely see the second person, who is a boss of everything and has so much talent at everything I do. When I’m alone that’s when it mostly happens. I get so creative and I find out that I can do things I’ve never done before… But why do I hide my talents? I guess I can’t control the second me. It’s someone that doesn’t like the spotlight and is very calmed. 

I’m known as a very active person that loves to laugh and joke around and being honest people think I’m dumb and naive, if they knew… Is it normal to speak 6 languages, be able to be good at every kind of sports, to have a high amount of creativity and a great business mind such as IT knowledge, art skills and more? I guess my second me is a genius but the other me, who always choose fun above all, is taking control over me. No, I’m not Schizophrenic but I feel like there’s a war between two guys and only I can end the war and get them to work as a team!

A big thanks to Serafina, who you already know from this post, for the cool pictures!

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