Bern, Switzerland

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Today I had a lot to do for the blog, because I always think if you prepare things good enough they will come out as you wished. So being honest I already started days ago thinking about what to publish on the blog next week, and since you guys chose that I should publish a post on the blog every second day, I have to do it and try my best.

There will be a lot going on next week. On Monday we start with Mode Suisse, which is the event I’m looking forward to. We will also have a few meetings and I between them I will try to catch up with my friends since I won’t see them or rarely this week.

Fashion month just started and I have made the decision to stay in town. Since my last fashion week season some months ago, I haven’t healed yet. I’m still too scared of the pressure that I have experienced in New York mostly. Also my schedule is very tight this time and I also can’t afford to attend the fashion weeks in New York, Milan, Paris or London but I promise that I will attend next season with a friend of mine. I will surely tell you more about it when the time arrives!

Since I was looking for gift ideas, I casually found Bonprix, a swiss online store where you can get a lot of things. They have some things on sale, you can check them out HERE.

Jacket - One Piece
Shirt - H & M
Pants - Bershka
Backpack - Topman
Shoes - Dr. Martens
Cap - H & M

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  1. Loving the all-black look!




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