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To work on a blog can be sometimes very stressful, as you have to take a lot of pictures, write content, business trips, such as you have to attend to events and meetings. These are only a few of the mentioned things I have to do as a blogger and there are also things to do outside my blogging world which is grocery shopping, chores and so on.

Stylochromic has grown to a popular fashion destination and the popular a blog is, the more time you have to invest in it. There are a lot of mails to answer from companies that want to work with us and we are really happy about it. 


Yes I did. I noticed this year that I went over my limits and I cracked. Since last fashion week season I started to get help of good friends and I’m really glad they’re so supportive in every way possible. I started to travel with Jella because of the fact that I got to work with hotels and I wanted to experience it with someone that’s worth it. With my friend Vani I started to go to events and meetings, which is so funny and she’s very helpful with the outfit pictures. Steff, who’s my best friend, is coming with me to events such as trips and is responsible of the most pictures here on the blog. We’re not only a good team base on the blog but also when we do some activities like going out or going by the river. 

Could you see STYLOCHROMIC as a destination for everyone? I’m definitely working on that, since I have to figure out things and how the concept should be like. Stay tuned, because changes are coming soon for the blog!

Onesie - One Piece
Sandals - Birkenstock

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