Berlin, Germany


Berlin. Some love the city and some hate it. However, I have developed both options for the city. It’s going to be my 11th time this year in Berlin and nothing has changed for me.

When I first went to this city I was highly excited, because everything I heard from Berlin was similar to the things I would expect of New York. It’s big and there’s always something going on. With that sentence I started to visit the city as much as possible, I even skipped school just to go there. Was it love at first sight? Yes. Is the love still there? No!

During the past times I visited the city I definitely didn’t want to be there anymore, because of the fact that I have become someone in the fashion scene in Berlin. And if you’re in, some will love you and some will hate you. I learnt that not everyone should like you. To divide the nation wasn’t my intention in but it is how it is and Berlin is knowing for having a divided nation right? However, I try to do the best out of it and if there’s somebody who shout a bad comment on the streets to me, I will ignore it because Karma is my best friend and she knows the rules of friendship haha.

Berlin also has its bright side. During fashion week or during the football world tournament how I experienced it the first time I was there back in 2014. It is also such a great shopping destination and the culture is incredible. Now I only see Berlin as a business city for me, probably the most important abroad for my blog.

Have you guys ever been to Berlin? I would love to read what you experienced and if you have a great club with old R&B and HipHop tunes, do not hesitate to write the down!

Clothing - H & M
Backpack - Topman
Shoes - Pasito

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