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Thinking back months ago I used to be the unhealthiest person in this planet. Trust me, you can ask my friends if you want. Burgers, Pizza, Donuts and were something I couldn’t live without. I think that period of my life is definitely over, not only because it’s not good for my body but also because my stomach couldn’t handle a lot of things that I was eating back then.

I needed to change my crazy nutrition and I knew that. I did it and I was very happy about it because my stomach didn’t hurt again. That was the time I started thinking about nutrition, because in the end I didn’t want to be over my weight again.

Some weeks ago I was just looking for a good movie, without success. But then I suddenly found a documentary about meat and how they treat animals at these farms and so on. The feeling I had during the documentary was between sad and disgusted. I still can’t describe that feeling, it was just too much for my stomach and my heart, even though I’m not a sentimental person.


They didn’t only show how they treat the animals in some farms but also the conditions in which they live is a huge catastrophe. Beside the mentioned things the death of these animals wasn’t the worst at all.

I used to love meat so much. Oh dear bacon, I really miss you but after all you disgust me at the moment. I’m not saying I will ignore you forever, because in the end we had a good time and above all a good relationship. Dear bacon for now it’s better for me and you that you stay out of my life, but we always see someone twice in life.

The Vegi life has showed me a lot of things. I don’t need necessarily meat to survive, there are other products that you can eat instead. I feel healthier and I can see how my weight got stable and is in the right level. Also my skin is better now that I eat healthy.

With this post I only wanted to tell you guys my story why I turned vegetarian, because a lot of you guys asked me. 

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