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A few days ago I met my friend and photographer Serafina Andrew. As we got the chance to realize some cool and urban pictures (I’m going to show them soon), I used the opportunity to ask her what important things we need to know about photography to get awesome pictures for a blog.
I thought about to ask her some questions that might be important for everyone that has a camera. Here we go!

What camera do you recommend for beginners?
People that just started to get interested in photography, I would recommend them to start with the Nikon 5100 or something in the 1’000 range. The lower the number of the camera, the more knowledge you need and more professional they are.

Nikon never changes it’s bajonette. Therefor you can also use old objectives. Canon instead, uses for each series of cameras another bajonette which can be a little stressful when you have to find an objective that suits your camera.

Can you tell us 3 keys to have the perfect outfit picture?
First of all, you have to put the focus on your face and on your eyes. You should also experiment with the dimension and perspective. The whole picture has to have different strengths of blur for example: blurry background and sharp face+outfit.

One thing that is also very important (actually the most important) is light. Every form of light is of advantage. The light should put the object in the spotlight. Also play with the light around you until you can realize your concept.

What edit programs do you recommend for beginners?
Picasso and Lightroom 5 are easy programs for beginners. They do not require a lot of knowledge to edit a picture and are a good step of building editing skills where you can use later for Photoshop CS6

Where are the places you like to take pictures?
It depends on the concept of the photoshoot. But if I was a fashion blogger, I would definitely choose architectonic places, because it makes a good background. Choose the background carefully, simple as possible because the object should be the star in the picture.

What are the things you should configure before taking pictures?
Most of the people who don’t know much about cameras or photography in general, take pictures in hope that they’ll get a good one. sometimes you have luck and sometimes you don’t. You can also influence how the picture will be if you configure these three things in your camera: Shutter speed, aperture and ISO. With these elements you are ready to take your pictures.

What is your dream position in the near future?
To finish my studies is my priority at the moment. After I graduate I will definitely put more time into photography and I will try to start working for magazines. 

Do you have any last words to everyone here?
Stay inspired, because it’s everywhere! Also stay in school.

You can check out Serafina’s work on her website and also do not forget to follow her Instagram and Facebook!

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