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A lot of you guys keep asking me how I get such a clean face. To be honest I never thought about sharing this secret and as I want to be helpful on the blog, I decided to share it with you.

Years ago when my teenage years started, I didn’t care about howdy facial skin looked like. As long as I put a face cream on my face everything was fine. That’s what I thought…

Things started to change when I surprisingly got really bad acne, which was one of my hardest times in school. I started to try several products and different brands that offered beauty products without success. Out of frustration I even tried my sisters product which weren’t helpful to me, as we don’t have the same skin type.

What skin type am I?
This question is really important when it comes to skin care in general. A lot of people do not know what skin type they are and often use the wrong product which first of all doesn’t solve the problem and second it’s a waste of money! Before I keep on going with my story I will explain quickly what the characteristics of the skin types are, so you’ll have the chance to find out.

Normal Skin Type
People with this skin type don’t have any problems in life. Their skin has no or few imperfections, their skin isn’t sensitive and the pores aren’t visible at all. Also the humidity is on a perfect percentage and they don’t have to mind about having an oily face.

Combination Skin Type
Depending on a few factors the skin can be normal, dry or oily in different areas. People with this skin type have very large and visible pores, because they’re more open, blackheads and a shine.

Dry Skin Type
If your skin is dry, less elastic, have red patches and a rough complexion, you have this type of skin. 

Oily Skin Type
Do you have enlarged pores? Dull or shiny, thick complexion? And what about blackheads, pimples or other blemishes? If yes, you found out this is your skin type.

Back to the story. When I found out about Garnier, I was kind of motivated again because I just saw no hope back then. Who would have thought that it was THE product that my skin was looking for? After years I keep using their amazing products which still have effect on my skin. See the video soon on my YouTube-channel.


1 comment

  1. Tank you so much! I have been suffering from acne and i think i should try this :)



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