Zurich, Switzerland


I couldn’t be happier right now, because the popularity of my blog is climbing so fast and it’s actually surprising how a lot of you guys are watching my steps of a fashion blogger. I didn’t think that you all care so much and it’s so good to receive all your messages wanting help and opinion, I love to help people, if I can conjure a smile on your face I’m happy too. The fact that we (bloggers and probably the most of the Instagram community) show how glamorous our lives are and how perfect it is, it sometimes transfer a wrong image of ourselves, as almost everyone thinks glamorous people are selfish and arrogant...

Yesterday I got the opportunity to attend to the opening of the Maison Gassman store, which is a brand focused on good quality high fashion such as minimalistic pieces. That meant I needed to go to Zurich after a two meetings and a visit a my hairdresser, stress-stress but without it I couldn’t live. I announced it on Snapchat that I was on my way to Zurich and as soon as we were there at the main station, I got some messages that made me sad. “I wanted to say hi, but I don’t know if you would have talked to me“ or “I was scared to talk to you, sorry for starring at you“. It really hurts that you come off arrogant on social media. It wasn’t my intentions for those who think I’m that way. 


Being honest with you, I love to talk to people no matter how they look like. I’m an open minded person and I’m always ready to do funny things. Do not think that you will bore me to death because I’m a very curious person who also cares about his readers. So if you see me next time SAY HI!

The day ended at an Italian restaurant with pizza by the river. It was such a great evening and if you think that was all, if you follow this blog you may know that I miss almost every flight or train. Yes, we missed the train after running a marathon through Zurich. I swear it was a thing about seconds. Have you ever had the situation that the train leaves while you pressed the open button to get in? Let me know in the comment, I want to read your funny (or whatever you feel about it) stories!

Shirt - H & M
Pants - Antony Morato
Backpack - Mandarina Duck
Sandals - Pasito
Watch - Bratwait

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