Bern, Switzerland

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I don’t know but I’m feeling so great lately. Since August started I seem to manage everything on my to-do list and it is such a great feeling. I feel so productive, so alive, life is just so interesting when you’re busy in terms of work and free time.

If you have been coming regularly to my blog, you may have noticed that There are a lot of articles that have been published since August started. That was always the way I wanted to run a blog and it’s finally happening. Even though, there are some situations where I get into stress but if we know how to handle it, it will end great.

What is next?
The next days are going to be tough but I will survive. I will keep the routine of creating different kind of content with focus on fashion, beauty and tipps for the readers that have a blog and want it to grow. As long as I can help you, I’m satisfied and I think a blog should entertain or help the people who are reading it.

I’m really sorry if I’m not writing about travels this month, but the fact that I’m so busy right now doesn’t make it possible me to travel. I will be soon in Berlin later this month but it is going to be such a short trip because of business. I will try to keep you updated on Instagram (including Instagram Stories) and on Snapchat, the only link you have to do is to follow me there!

Shirt - H & M
Shorts - COS
Shoes - Pasito
Backpack - Louis Vuitton

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