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A blog post consists of a lot of preparation and work behind the scenes before it gets published. Professional bloggers are equivalent to magazines that create a lot of content, the only difference is that we, bloggers, include our opinion in the article and magazines are just being informative about what they’re writing about.
Step 1: Before you start doing anything, you need to get an idea and topic of what you’re going to write about. You also need to ask yourself after you picked up the topic what your goal of this post is. Do I want to teach them something? Am I sharing with my followers my experience? Do I want to inspire them? These are the three questions I ask myself after choosing a topic.

Step 2: Let’s get information! Nothing is more awkward than spreading wrong information. It’s not only unprofessional but you also take a risk of getting mean comments and in the worst case some of your followers might cut the trust line between you and them.

Step 3: Be creative. There are proofs that if you use images and videos for your posts, people will get more entertained and might come back to your blog as to the blog that just has text. The reader will also get more interested and might get inspired my the images or if it’s a travel post they will see how the place looked like.

Step 4: Media at the best quality. Make sure you have images and video in a high resolution, because everyone hates bad quality when it comes to objects or things. Most of us use photoshop to edit the pictures because they need to have the perfect light, saturation, contrast, etc.

Step 5: Use paragraphs to make it more enjoyable It will be better for the eye and for the brain to process.

Step 6: Make sure everything is on its place and save it. After creating a post you shouldn’t publish it as soon as you’re done (except if it’s urgent, but then it’s a case of irresponsibility for not starting early enough). Also check your grammar. Read and check everything later again, so you’re sure everything is correctly done.

Step 7: Hit the “Publish“ button!

Sweater - Adidas Originals
Pants - Topman
Sneakers - Vans
Backpack - Topman (Similar HERE)

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