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I’m back on the blog after over a week of absence. Those who follow me on Instagram (@stylochromic) were updated with pictures of night-outs, enjoying some days by the Lac LĂ©man such as the Mode Suisse Casting and other stuff. I have been enjoying it too long that I completely forgot to publish content for you, even if they’re already written and the pictures have been taken as well. You will be able to read the other post later this week.

The weather in Switzerland is being amazing for the past days and it seems like a heat wave is coming to visit us this week. Thank god I’m prepared for every occasion that includes the weather. For hot days like that I like to wear loose clothing, so I don’t sweat much.

I’m wearing a combination of shorts and culottes (should we call them shortlottes? haha) that are so comfy such as perfect matching to everything and the cut is just life! I matched the pants with an orange simple orange shirt, which has been sewed in a special way so the surface looks like it has been woven. I decided to finally wear the NMD Runner in another color that have been hanging around in my shoe closet for a while, I just couldn’t find the occasion as I have them in many different colors. You can see that my Louis Vuitton backpack is always by my side and being honest it’s such a great accessory, you can use it to go to work, school, traveling or just to go out. I really recommend you to get a backpack, because it’s THE accessory of the year for everyone.

I hope you like this outfit and it could inspire you for the hot Summer days. Enjoy the rest of the Summer, see you here again!

Shirt - COS
Pants - COS
Shoes - Adidas Originals
Backpack - Louis Vuitton

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