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The best thing you can do to evolve is thinking, planing and do it better than you’ve experienced before. It isn’t just about being focused on the goal, it also consists of not giving up and even if it doesn’t come out in the way you would like to.

When I started this blog I thought a lot about giving up. I know I was young and weak, but as I saw how good I actually was, I kept the game going. Fashion weeks invitations, cool events and collaboration were one of the greatest thing you can experience as a blogger and you also have a lot of privileges like traveling and getting goodies by brands.

Everything sounded great and when it happened I was feeling something special. Back then I was just a teenager with a blog, who never thought to make it that far in the future. I started to be more professional, because the industry keeps growing and only the best survive in the blogger business. I learned a lot about photography such as how to write an interesting text and business-minded things that are of advantage in the blogosphere.

One thing is for sure, I never want to be a full-time blogger, even if it’s such a dream job. As I told you, this industry keeps changing and one day you can be in and the next day you’re worth nothing. If we see how much I earn with my blog vs. how much I spend in general it isn’t worth it at the moment to make it a priority. If you ask me, I could live in a more cheaper way but that’s just not how I want it if I can have a luxurious lifestyle with running a blog and having a job as well.

As a blogger you’re always on the go and you will see the most amazing places in the world but that also means saying goodbye to your family, friends and home, which is one of the main reasons I do not want to be a full-time entrepreneur. I experienced the travel part from January to April. Dubai, New York, Paris, 3x Berlin, Milan, Düsseldorf in that short time of 3 months. Sometimes I got back home just to refill my luggage and if I had time or luck (if the schedule allowed it) I could have met friends and my family but that wasn’t the case. Jetlag here, Jetlag there, it’s a thing you have to deal with.

With this post I’m not saying I hate to do it because there are more positive characteristics than negative. I still love creating content for you and everything around it. I just wanted to open your eyes and show with what we (bloggers) have to deal, because I read an article full of negativity about bloggers and why it’s not a career.

I hope you enjoyed this post, see you on the next one!

Shirt - COS
Pants - H & M
Sandals - Slydes

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