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We live in a decade where competition under each other is a motivation. I see everyday somebody competing directly or indirectly against someone. Being competitive is actually a good thing when its held in the right amount. But when is it enough? When does the aggressive inner devil comes out of a person? I guess as long as feelings and bodies haven’t been touched in a bad way, everything is cool!

Right now there are the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that I was looking forward to. I have always wanted to be a contestant but as I’m not that talented I have to watch it on TV (I’m not even there though!). I admire how the contestants work so hard to qualify and challenge others who are as good as they are in their category.

I’m feeling so embarrassed and useless, since I haven’t won a medal nor a trophy yet (Does a 5th place diploma count?). Imagine if online-shopping was an Olympic Game? I would definitely be one of the strongest one, because I do not only buy stuff online for myself but also for my friends and relatives. And if we can count booking a flight I could be a hot candidate for the gold medal in online-shopping or running for president. Bend over Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump!

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*Doesn’t work on limited edition pieces or trending items*

Buying things online can not only be a pleasure but also a tragic action. Do you know the feeling of having things you bought online in your closet that you haven’t worn yet? Our closet is not a museum, we should buy things rational and not depending 100% on our emotions. It is hard to keep it that way but everything is possible.

First of all stroll over an online-shop as if you’re looking for a whole new wardrobe, even check the things on sale or go to the last pages (people are often too lazy to get there). If you like something, you should put it on your wish list so you don’t have to look for it again. Do not buy things instantly unless you’re 101% sure you need it. The next and las step is letting the time run and come back two or three days later. You’ll see how many pieces you don’t like anymore because you were just hungry for clothes and when we’re hungry we go also for things we actually don’t like that much.

See below my favorite online stores where I currently buy my clothes. Are you guys ready now for a online-shopping marathon? Ready, set, go!

Zalando.com (Budget: Mid-level)
Asos.com (Budget: Low/Mid-level)
Eastdane.com (Budget: Mid/High-level)
Farfetch.com (Budget: High-level)
MrPorter.com (Budget: High-level)

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