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Instagram has been my favorite social media since I started to use it. It allows you to share pictures with your followers and you can also get inspired by the people you follow or see what they’re up to.

It has been already months since you guys started to ask me how I get such a perfect Instagram-feed and what kind of apps I use to edit my pictures. I thought to share the routine, which consists of three different kind of steps and situations.

I’m using two different kind of electronic devices to shoot the perfect pictures:

1. I use the Nikon 5200. For outfit pictures I use a lens that has f/1.3 or lower, because it makes the background kind of blurry and you need to focus on the pieces you’re wearing. It is also good for details pictures or things that you want to catch close. The only bad thing is that you can’t zoom, so you have to get over your comfort zone and try new angles.

2. I obviously also use my phone to play the Instagram game. I first started to use the iPhone 6s but then I got insecure and decided to take the iPhone 6s Plus after 3 months, because I wanted to try which one the best is for pictures and videos. With the 6s Plus you also see the picture bigger, which is an advantage to edit the pictures to perfection!

The process of editing isn’t easy and if you want to do a great job you’ll definitely get some iTunes cards, because there are some apps that aren’t for free. So let me start…

STEP 1. The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself what kind of feed you would like for your Instagram. There are a lot: Bright colors with a decent filter (or no filter) like my friend Raphaƫl, black & white feed with a colorful detail like Joel or a mix between both mentioned like my feed. There are of course many ways to keep it like a pro! And do not forget to stay original.

STEP 2. Diversity is the key! We live in a world where nobody has just one interest and if you post only about one thing with the same angle you’ll definitely bore people to death. Also do not be narcissistic and selfish, because it will ruin your feed if you’re in it in every picture. Try detail pictures or environment just to change a bit and to make it versatile.

STEP 3. The apps make it brilliant! Being honest without them I would have never had my feed like that. I’ve tried several apps but I only kept four which I think are amazing.

Snapseed: I use it to change the background. It doesn’t matter if you want to increase/decrease the lightning, temperature, exposure or saturation it works!

LightX: This application has a value of 0.99$ but it’s almost like a professional photo editor. You can make you taller, change the perspective such as other things that are really helpful. I only use it to change the perspective and to change my height from time to time.

VSCO: This is probably the most used app when it comes to editing pictures. It promises a bunch of good filters for free (it can get expensive if you want more filters) such as basic tools like change the lighting, rotate and more. I use VSCO because of their fresh-hell good filters.

AColorStory: It’s similar to VSCO with offering great filters but you have so much more unlocked from the start. I use it as a backup filter app, because sometimes the filters of VSCO don’t do the job.

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